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  • Enneads [with Porphyry’s Life], ed. R. Volkmann, vol. 1 [Life; Enn. 1-3] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1883) [link]; vol. 2 [Enn. 4-6] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1884) [link]
  • Enneads [with Ficino’s tr.], ed. F. Creuzer and G. H. Moser, with Porphyry’s [Aphormailink] and Proclus’ Institutiones [link], and Priscianus’ Solutiones, ed. F. Dubner [link] (Paris, 1855) [link]

  • Complete Works, In Chronological Order..., tr. K. S. Guthrie
    • vol. 1 [Biographies; Amelian Books, 1-21] (Alpine, NJ, 1918) [link]
      • Concordance with Ennead Numbering [link]
      • Porphyry, Life of Plotinus [link]
    • vol. 2 [Amelio-Porphyrian Books, 22-33] (Alpine, NJ, 1918) [link]
    • vol. 3 [Porphyrian Books, 34-45] (Alpine, NJ, 1918) [link]
    • vol. 4 [Eustochian Books, 46-54; Comment.] (Alpine, NJ, 1918) [link]
      • Porphyry, Commentaries/Outlines [link]
      • Psychological Fragments: Porphyry, On the Faculties of the Soul [link]; Iamblichus and Nemesius [link]; Ammonius, On the Immortality of the Soul [link]
      • Plotinic Studies in Sources, Development and Influence: 1) Development in the Teachings of Plotinos [link]; 2) Platonism: Significance, Progress and Results [link]; 3) Plotinos's View of Matter [link]; 4) Plotinos's Creation of the Trinity [link]; 5) Resemblances to Christianity [link]; 7) Plotinos's Indebtedness to Numenius [link]; Value of Plotinos [link]
      • Concordance [Index] to Plotinos [link]
  • Enneads, tr. S. McKenna and B. S. Page (orig. 1917; repr. and recast, Forgotten Books) [link] [Cf. html versions at sacred-texts.com and Internet Classics Archive]
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  • Two Books on the Essence of Soul and One on the Descent of Soul, tr. T. M. Johnson (1880) [link]
  • Die Enneaden des Plotin, tr. H.F. Müller (Berlin, 1878) [link]

  • H. Guyot, Les réminiscences de Philon le Juif chez Plotin (Paris, 1906) [link]
  • R. Volkmann, Die Höhe der antiken Aesthetik oder Plotin's Abhandlung vom schönen (Stettin, 1860) [link]


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