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Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)


Complete Works
  • Carmina, ed. L. Mueller, 3rd ed. (Leipzig: Teubner, 1909) [link]
  • Opera, ed. O. Keller and A. Holder, 2nd ed., vol. 1 [lengthy preface; Odes, Epodes, Carm. Saec.] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1899) [link]; the preface from this edition appears separately [link]; vol. 2 [Serm., Epist., Ars Poet.] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1869) [link]; vol. 1 [Odes, Epodes, Carm. Saec.] and vol. 2 [Satires, Epistles, Ars Poetica] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1864/1869) [link]
  • The Works of Horace, with English Notes, ed. C. Anthon, "new ed." (New York, 1897) [link]
  • Opera omnia, ed. E. C. Wickham, Clarendon Press Series, vol. 1, 3rd ed. [Odes, Carmen Saec., Epodes] (Oxford, 1896) [link]; vol. 2 [Satires, Epistles, Ars Poetica] (Oxford, 1891) [link]
  • Q. Horatius Flaccus, ed. Orelli, vol. 1 [Odes, Carm. Saec., Epodes], 3rd ed. [Baiter] (Zurich, 1850) [link]; vol. 2 [Sat., Ep., Lexicon Horatianum], 4th ed. [Mewes post Baiterum] (Zurich, 1892) [link]
  • Q. Horatius Flaccus. Erklärt, ed./comm. A. Kiessling, pt. 1 [Oden und Epoden] (Berlin, 1884) [link]; pt. 2, 2nd ed. [Satiren] (Berlin, 1895) [link]; pt. 3 [Briefe] (Berlin, 1889) [link]
  • Q. Horatius Flaccus. Erklärt, ed./comm. H. Schütz, pts. 1 [Oden und Epoden] (3rd ed.), 2 [Satiren], and 3 [Episteln] (Berlin, 1889/1881/1883) [link]; pt. 1 [Oden und Epoden], 2nd ed. (Berlin, 1880) [link]; pt. 2 [Satiren] (Berlin, 1881) [link]
  • The Works of Horace. Edited, with Explanatory Notes, ed. T. Chase, Chase and Stuart's Classical Series (Philadelphia, 1881) [link]
  • C. W. King, Q. Horati Flacci Opera, Illustrated from Antique Gems [text revised by Munro] (London, 1869) [link]
  • The Works of Horace with English Notes, ed. R. J. MacLeane, rev. R. H. Chase (Cambridge, 1866) [link]
  • Horace with English Notes, ed. J. E. Yonge, pt 1 [Odes and Epodes] (London, 1865) [link]; pt. 2 [Satires and Epistles] (London, 1866) [link]
  • The Works of Horace, with English Notes, ed. J. L. Lincoln [text: Orelli], 7th ed. (New York, 1860) [link]
  • The Works of Horace, with English Notes, ed. E. Moore, rev. ed. (Cambridge, MA, 1854) [link]
  • Opera Omnia, ed. F.G. Doering (Leipzig, 1836), with Latin notes.[link ]
  • Opera Omnia, ed. H. Pemble (London, 1832), "with annotations in English consisting chiefly of the Delphin commentaries condensed, and of selections from Doering and others, to which is added the Delphin ordo in the margins." [link ]
  • Opera, ed. W. Baxter [et al.] (Edinburgh, 1806) [link]
  • ed. R. Bentley (Cambridge, 1711) [link]; 3rd ed., vol. 1 [Odes, Epodes, Satires] (Berlin, 1869) [link]; vol. 2 [Epistles] (Leipzig, 1764) [link]
  • Opera, in usum Delphini, ed. L. Desprez (Philadelphia, 1835) [link]
  • Opera, in usum Delphini,ed. L. Desprez (Paris, 1691) [link]

  • J. Tate, Horatius Restitutus: or, the books of Horace arranged in chronological order according to the Scheme of Dr. Bentley (London, 1832) [link]

Odes and Epodes
  • Odes and Epodes, ed. C. L. Smith, 2nd ed., College Series of Latin Authors (Boston, 1903) [link]
  • Odes, Epodes, Carm. Saec., ed. C. H. Moore (New York, 1902) [link]
  • Odes and Epodes, ed. T. E. Page (London, 1895) [link]
  • Odes, Book 3, ed. T. E. Page, Elementary Classics [link]
  • Epodes, ed. T. E. Page (London, 1895) [link]
  • Odes, Book 4, ed. J. T. White (London, 1877) [link]
  • Carmina, ed. P. H. Peerlkamp, 2nd ed. (Amsterdam, 1862) [link]; [1st ed.] (Haarlem, 1834) [link];
  • Carmina, ed. G. (W.?) J. Aislabie (London, 1826) [link]

Satires and Epistles
  • Satires and Epistles, ed. J.B. Greenough (Boston, 1902) [link ]
  • Satires and Epistles, ed. E.P. Morris (New York, 1902) with Odes, Epodes, and CS, ed. C.H. Moore, Morris and Morgan's Latin Series [link ]* Sermones et Epistulae, ed. J. C. Rolfe, Allyn and Bacon's College Latin Series (Boston, 1901) [link] [link ]
  • Satiren und Episteln, ed. L. Mueller (Vienna, 1891) with notes in German [link ]
  • Epistles, Book 1, ed. E. S. Shuckburgh, Pitt Press Series (Cambridge, 1888) [link]
  • Satiren, ed. Adolf Kiessling (Berlin, 1886) vol. 2 of the complete works [link ] [link ]
  • Satires, ed. Palmer, 2nd ed. (London, 1885) [link]
  • Satiren, ed. H. Schuetz (Berlin, 1881) with notes in German [link ]
  • Satirae, ed. P. H. Peerlkamp (Amsterdam, 1863) [link]
  • Satiren, ed. L.F. Heindorf, 3rd ed. (Leipzig, 1859) [link ] [link ]
  • Satiren und Episteln ed. G. Krueger (Leipzig, 1897) [link ]
  • Satires, ed. L. F. Heidorf, 3rd ed.(Leipzig, 1859) [link]
  • Satirae et Epistulae, ed. F. Ritter (Leipzig, 1857) with Latin notes [link ]

  • Ars Poetica, ed. Mahaček (Prague, 1833) [link]
  • Epistola ad Augustum, ed. H. Riedel (1831) [link]
  • Epistola ad Pisones, ed. P. H. Peerlkamp (Leiden, 1845) [link]

  • K. G. and A. W. Zumpt, Eclogae ex Q. Horati Flacci poematibus (Philadelphia, 1852) [link]
  • F. G. Doering (ed.), Chrestomathia Horatiana et P. Vergili Maronis Bucolica (Altona, 1835) [link]

  • C. Cary, Horace: His Life, Friendships and Philosophy as Told by Himself (New York, 1904) [link]
  • E. C. Wickham, Horace for English Readers: Being a Translation of the Poems of Quintus Horatius Flaccus into English Prose (Oxford, 1903) [link]
  • A. O. Russell, An English Paraphrase of Horace's Art of Poetry (New York, 1896) [link]
  • The Odes, Epodes, Satires, and Epistles, Translated by the Most Eminent English Scholars and Poets (London, 1889) [link]
  • J. Lonsdale and S. Lee, The Works of Horace Rendered into English Prose (London, 1881) [link]
  • W. T. Thornton, Word for Word from Horace: The Odes Literally Versified (London, 1878) [link]
  • A. Wood, The Epistles and Art of Poetry of Horace (Edinburgh, 1872) [link]
  • T. Martin, The Odes, Epodes, and Satires of Horace Translated into English Verse, 3rd ed. (Edinburgh, 1870) [link]
  • C. Smart, The Works of Horace, Translated Literally into English Prose, rev. ed. (London, 1853) [link]
  • The Odes and Satyrs of Horace, That Have Been Done into English by the Most Eminent Hands (London, 1717) [link]

  • G. Showerman, Horace and His Influence, Our Debt to Greece and Rome 2 (Boston, 1922) [link]
  • T. Reichardt,De metrorum lyricorum horatianorum artificiosa elocutione (Marburg, 1889) [link]
  • M. Schmidt, Horazische Blätter (Jena, 1874) [link]
  • O. Keller, Kritische Beiträge zum IV. Buche der horazischen Oden (Vienna, 1871) [link]
  • C.(K.) Kirchner, Novae Quaestiones Horatianae [includes Tables to demonstrate different hands through the centuries] (Numburg, 1847) [link]

  • G. A Koch, Vollständiges Wörterbuch zu den Gedichten des Q. Horatius Flaccus, 2nd ed. (Hannover, 1879) [link]; NB 1st ed. (Hannover, 1863) [link]


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