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[See also Tarik Wareh's Public Domain Books page ]

  • Iliad, ed./comm. W. Leaf, 2nd ed., vol. 1 [Books 1-12] (London, 1900) [link]; vol. 2 [Books 13-24] (London, 1902) [link]
  • Iliad, ed. Dindorf, 5th ed. (C. Henze), vol. 1 [Books 1-12] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1901) [link]; vol. 2 [Books 13-24] (Leipzig: Teubner, 1900) [link]
  • Iliad, ed. I. La Roche, part 1 (Leipzig: Teubner, 1873) [link ]
  • Iliad, ed. T. K. Arnold (London, 1852) [link]
  • Iliad, ed. I. Bekker, Carmina Homerica vol. 1 (Bonn, 1858) [link]
  • Homeri Ilias cum brevi adnotatione, ed. C. G. Heyne, vol. 1 [Books 1-12, with hypotheses and scholia] (Oxford, 1821) [link]; vol. 2 [Books 13-24, with hypotheses and scholia; indices; Heraclides, Allegoriae Homericae] (Oxford, 1821) [link]
  • Homeri Ilias...[and] Scholia in eam antiquissima, ed. Villoison (Venice, 1788) [U of Houston ]

  • Iliad, Books 1-6, ed. T. D. Seymour, rev. ed. (Boston, 1903) [link]; cf. Books 1-3, ed. T. D. Seymour, rev. ed. (Boston, 1903) [link]
  • Iliad, Books 1-6, ed. R. P. Keep, 5th ed. (Boston, 1888) [link]
  • Iliad, Books 1-6, ed. J. R. Boise, 12th ed. (Chicago, 1880) [link]; (Chicago, 1869) [link]
  • Iliad, Books 1-6, ed. C. Anthon (New York, 1876) [link]

  • Iliad, Books 4-6, ed. T. D. Seymour, College Series of Greek Authors (Boston, 1891) [link]
  • Iliad, Books 19-24, ed. E. B. Clapp, College Series of Greek Authors (Boston, 1899) [link]
  • Iliad, Book 23, ed. G. M. Edwards, Pitt Press Series (Cambridge, 1906) [link]

  • A. R. Benner (ed.), Selections from Homer's Iliad, Twentieth Century Text-Books (New York, 1910) [link]
  • J. R. Sitlington Sterrett (ed.), Homer's Iliad: First Three Books [and selections] (New York, 1907) [link]

  • Odyssey, ed. W. W. Merry, Books 1-12, (Oxford, 1882) [link]; Books 13-24 (Oxford,1901) [link]
  • Odyssey, ed. I. Bekker, Carmina Homerica vol. 2 (Bonn, 1858) [link]

Commentaries without Greek Text

  • Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem Townleyana, ed. E. Maass, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1888) [link] vol. 2 (Oxford, 1888) [link]
  • Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem, ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1875) [link]; vol. 2 (Oxford, 1875) [link]; vols. 1 and 2 (Oxford, 1875) [U of Houston]; vol. 3 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 4 (Oxford, 1877) [link]
  • Scholia Graeca in Homeri Odysseam, ed. Dindorf, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1855) [link]; vol. 2 (Oxford, 1855) [link]

  • Chapman's Homer, ed. R. H. Shepherd (London, 1903) [link]

  • Iliad, tr. Lang, Leaf, and Myers, rev. ed. (New York, 1915) [link]
  • Iliad, tr. S. Butler (London, 1898) [link]
  • Iliad, tr. A. S. Way, vol. 1 [Books 1-12] (London, 1886) [link]
  • Iliad, tr. J. H. Dart [English hexameters] (London, 1865) [link]
  • Iliad, tr. A. Pope, rev. W. C. Armstrong (Hartford, 1851) [link]

  • A. G. Keller, Homeric Society: A Sociological Study of the Iliad and Odyssey (London, 1913) [link]
  • R. C. Jebb, Homer: An Introduction to the Iliad and Odyssey, 7th ed. (Glasgow, 1905) [link]
  • R. Volkmann, Geschichte und Kritik der Wolfschen Prolegomena zu Homer (Leipzig, 1874) [link]
  • J. La Roche, Die homerische Textkritik im Alterthum (Leipzig, 1866) [link]


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