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Greek Epigraphy

  • Orientis Graeci inscriptiones selectae, ed. W. Dittenberger, vol. 1 (1986) [limited preview ]
  • Inscriptiones graecae ad res romanas pertinentes, ed. R. Cagnat and G. Lafaye, vol. 3 [Bithynia...Galatia...Syria...Palaestina...] (Paris, 1906) [link ]
  • W. Dittenberger, Sylloge inscriptionum graecarum, pts. 1 and 2 (Leipzig, 1883) [link ]
  • P. Cauer, Delectus inscriptionum Graecarum propter dialectum memorabilium, 2nd ed. (Leipzig, 1883) [link ]
  • W. Larfeld, Sylloge inscriptionum Boeoticarum dialectum popularem exhibentium (Berlin, 1883) [link ]
  • K. Keil, Sylloge inscriptionum Boeoticarum (Leipzig, 1847) [link ]
    • K. Keil, Zur Sylloge inscriptionum Boeoticarum (Leipzig, 1863) [link ]
  • J. L. Ussing, Inscriptiones Graecae ineditae (Havniae, 1847) [link ]


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