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classicsindex - euripides


[See Tarik Wareh's Public Domain Books page ]

  • Alcestis, ed. T. D. Woolsey, new (rev.) ed. (Hartford, 1876) [link]
  • Alcestis, ed. Paley (Cambridge, 1875) [link]
  • Hecuba, ed. A. W. Upcott (London, 1901) [link]
  • Hecuba, ed. C. H. Russell, parts 1 and 2, Clarendon Press Series (Oxford, 1889) [link]
  • Helen, ed. C. S. Jerram, rev. ed., parts 1 and 2, Clarendon Press Series (Oxford, 1892) [link ]
  • Heracleidae, ed. E. A. Beck and C. E. S. Headlam, Pitt Press Series (Cambridge, 1895) [link]
  • Heracleidae, ed. E. A. Beck, Pitt Press Series (Cambridge, 1881) [link]
  • Hippolytus, ed. J. P. Mahaffy and J. B. Bury (London, 1881) [link]
  • Ion, ed., tr., comm. A. W. Verrall (Cambridge, 1890) [link]
  • Medea, ed., comm. F. D. Allen, rev. C. H. Moore (Boston, 1901) [link]
  • Medea, ed. C. B. Heberden, parts 1 and 2, Clarendon Press Series, 2nd (rev.) ed. (Oxford, 1891) [link]
  • Medea, ed. A. W. Verrall (London, 1883) [link]
  • Medea, ed. "for schools" J. H. Hogan (London and Edinburgh, 1873) [link]
  • Orestes, ed. N. Wedd, Pitt Press Series (Cambridge, 1895) [link]
  • Phoenissae, ed. Mastronarde (Cambridge, 2004) [limited preview]
  • Phoenissae, ed. Paley (Cambridge, 1879) [link]

  • Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, ed. R. Kannicht, vol. 5.2 [Eur.] (Göttingen, 2004) [limited preview]

  • Wilamowitz, Griechische Tragoedien, vol. 3 [Euripides: Cyclops, Alcestis, Medea, Troades], 2nd ed. (Berlin, 1906) [link ]
  • Schwartz (ed.), Scholia in Euripidem, vol. 1 [Hec., Orest., Phoen.] (Berlin, 1887) [link]; vol. 2 [Hipp., Alc., Med., Androm., Rhes., Troad.] (Berlin, 1891) [link]


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