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Leonardo Bruni (Aretino)

[Biblioteca Augustana : De studiis et litteris (see below); Oratio in funere Johannis Strozze; a number of external links]
[Biblioteca Italiana : An vulgus et literati eodem modo per Terentii Tullique tempora Romae locuti sint, ed. M. Tavoni (Padua, 1984); Poesie, ed. A. Lanza (Rome, 1973)]

  • Epistolarum libri VII, ed. L. Mehus, parts 1 and 2 (Florence, 1741) [link ]
  • De studiis et litteris, transcribed from W. de Monaco's shortened version (Leipzig, 1496), and emended by U. Brocks [includes facsimile images of the 1496 edition] [Biblioteca Augustana < aussagenlogik.org ]

Manuscript Facsimiles
  • De studiis et litteris, facsimile of (University of Chicago) Ms. 35 (c. 1485) including this, Poggio's Orationes in Laurentium Vallam, and Guarino's translation of Plutarch, De liberis educandis [U. of Chicago ]

  • Istoria fiorentina, [Italian] tr. D. Acciaiuoli (Florence, 1861) [link ]

  • J. R. Smith, The Earliest Lives of Dante, Translated from the Italian of Giovanni Boccaccio and Lionardo Bruni Aretino [also includes, pp. 97ff., a passage ("The Embassy to Venice") from the (Latin) life of Dante By Filippo Villani], Yale Studies in English 10 (New York, 1901) [link ]


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