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Editions [cf. Migne PL 14-17]
  • Opera, CSEL 32, ed. C. Schenkl, pt. 1 (Vienna, 1897) [link]; pt. 2 (Vienna, 1897) [link]; pt. 4 [Exp. Luc.] (Vienna, 1902) [link] -- NOTE: There is no pt. 3 [see CSEL index]
  • Opera omnia, Benedictine ed., vol. 1 (Paris, 1836) [link]; vol. 3 (Paris, 1836) [link]; vol. 4 (Paris, 1836) [link]

  • De officiis ministrorum [with Paulinus' Libellus de vita S. Ambrosii], ed. J. G. Krabinger (Tübingen, 1857) [link]
  • Selecta, vol. 1, ed. R. O. Gilbert [De officiis clericorum] (Leipzig, 1839) [link]

  • Paralipomena Ambrosiana, ed. G. Mercati [with Un frammento delle Ipotiposi di Clemente Alessandrino], Studi e Testi 12 (Rome, 1904) [link ]

  • Funeral Orations [with Gregory of Nazianzus], tr. McCauley et al., FotC (Washington, 1953) [limited preview]
  • Hexameron, Paradise, Cain and Abel, tr. J. J. Savage, FotC (Washington, 1961) [limited preview]
  • On the Mysteries, tr. T. Thompson, ed. J. H. Strawley (New York, 1919) [link]
  • Political Letters and Speeches, tr. Liebeschuetz with Hill (Liverpool, 2005) [limited preview]
  • Seven Exegetical Works, tr. McHugh, FotC (Washington, 1972) [limited preview]

Audio Recordings
  • Concerning Virgins, tr. H. de Romestin et al. [NPNF] [LibriVox audio ]
  • On the Duties of the Clergy, tr. H. de Romestin et al. [NPNF] [LibriVox audio ]


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