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Byzantine Literature

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: anonymous : (Georgius) Acropolita : (Anna) Comnena : Cosmas Indicopleustes : (Ioannes) Lydus : Nicetas (Acominatus Choniates) : (Georgius) Pachymeres : Photius : Procopius : (Michael) Psellus : Theophanes Confessor : (Ioannes) Zonaras : Zosimus :

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History
  • G. Finlay, A History of Greece from Its Conquest by the Romans to the Present Time, new ed. with H. F. Tozer, vol. 1: Greece under the Romans, B.C. 146 - A. D. 716 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 2: The Byzantine Empire, Part I: A.D. 716 - 1057 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 3: The Byzantine and Greek Empires, Part II: A.D. 1057 - 1453 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 4: Medieval Greece and the Empire of Trebizond, A.D. 1204-1461 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 5: Greece under Othoman and Venetian domination, A.D. 1453 -1821 (Oxford, 1877) [link ]; vol. 6: The Greek Revolution, Part I: 1821-1827 (Oxford, 1877) [link]; vol. 7: The Greek Revolution, Part II: The Establishment of the Greek Kingdom (Oxford, 1877) [link]


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