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Migne, Patrologia Graeca

[LEGEND: asterisk (*) indicates no full text access linked so far; DCO = Documenta Catholica Omnia copy; Ha = Harvard copy; Bo = Bodleian Library copy; St = Stanford copy; NYPL = New York Public Library copy; To = University of Toronto copy; Br = Brepols reprint; UM = University of Michigan; UV = University of Virginia; ND = No Date visible]

[Unfortunately, many of my original links to Google Books - especially in the 140's and 150's - now provide only snippet views or even no preview at all, but I am keeping the links in case they do become useful again. Also note that accessibility of full books may depend on your location. The default location assumed is the United States, but some books are not accessible outside the US, and presumably some accessible outside the US are not accessible in the US.]

See also:
  • Complete index to Google Books and Archive.org scans of Patrologia Graeca at Roger Pearse (with authors and summary of contents), from the list at CyprianProject.info, which is still accessible in an archived version (and see also this "mirror" site); different layout but same material at Patristica.net; . [I am incorporating these links here, little by little.]
  • Complete index linked to the University of Michigan copies at HathiTrust
  • Online page-by-page scans of Patrologia Graeca, at onlinestoragesolution.net (with detailed listing of contents of each volume; ostensibly the entire set, but some pages fail to load in the brief checking I have done). UPDATE (4/10/10): Inaccessible again, after a period of accessibility.
  • Three other indices to Google Books and Archive.org scans: Turretinfan ; IteAdThomam [the index is quite far down on the right-hand side of the page]; Moinillon; and Peregrinus Hibernensis
  • Documenta Catholica Omnia, which provides scans of (all?) PG volumes - downloadable, much larger files than the Google Book scans; as well as detailed index of contents of each volume. UPDATE: DCO PG scans are apparently still accessible, but only through what looks like a fairly involved request process.
  • Index of PG volumes, along with reference to possible P2P downloads, [here ]

PG 1: Clem. Rom., incl. dubia and spuria: Const. Apost. [St1886] [Ha1857 ] [PennState1857 ] [UM1857 ]
PG 2: Clem. Rom. misc.; Barnabas; Hermas; Test. XII Patr.; Epistula ad Diognetum; etc.[St1886] [Ha1857 ] [UM1857 ]
PG 3: Ps.-Dionysius vol. 1 [Ha1857] [PennState1857 ] [St1889 - no preview 4/10/10]
PG 4: Ps.-Dionysius vol. 2 [Ha1889 ] [Bo1857] [St1889 - no preview 4/10/10]
PG 5: Ignatius; Polycarp; Romani Pontifices saec. II; Melito; Papias; Quadratus; Aristides; etc. [HaDiv1894] [Ha1857] [St1894 - no preview 4/10/10]
PG 6: Justin Martyr; Tatian; Athenagoras; Theophilus; Hermias [Ha1857] [UM1857] [snippet view ]
PG 7: Irenaeus [Ha1857]
PG 8: Clement of Alexandria - Protrepticus, Paedagogus [HaDiv1857] [Ha1857] [St1891 - no preview 4/10/10]
PG 9: Clem. Alex. - Stromateis, etc. [HaDiv1857] [Ha1857] [St1890 - no preview 4/10/10]
PG 10: Gregory Thaumaturgus, Hippolytus, Julius Africanus, Dionysius of Alexandria, Pamphilus, etc. [HaDiv1857] [archive.org-To1857] [Ha1857] [PennState1857] [1857-snippet view ]
PG 11: Origen - Peri Archôn, C. Celsum, etc. [Ha1857] [PennState1857] [1877-snippet view ]
PG 12: Origen - comm. and hom., Genesis - Psalms [HaDiv1862] [St1857 ] [Ha1857] [UM1857]
PG 13: Origen - comm. and hom., Proverbs - Luke [St1862 ] [UM1862] [Ha1857]
PG 14: Origen - comm. and hom., John - Romans [HaDiv1862] [St1862] [Ha1857] [UM1857]
PG 15: Origen - Hexapla Gen - 1 Reg. [St1857 ] [Ha1857] [UM1857]
PG 16a: Origen - Hexapla 2 Reg. - Ps. [archive.org-To1862] [HaDiv1862] [St1862 - missing pages early] [Ha1857]
PG 16b: Origen - Hexapla Prov - Lament. [HaDiv1863] [UM1863] [St1863] [1905-snippet view ]
PG 16c: Origen - Hexapla Ezek - Malachi; [Hippolytus] Philosophoumena = Ref. omn. haer. [HaDiv1863] [St1863 ] [Ha1860]
PG 17: Origen - Suppl. ad exegetica; Apologia S. Pamphili pro Origene; etc. [UM1857] [St1857] [StBr1857 ] [Ha1857]
PG 18: Methodius, Alexander Lycopolitanus, Eustathius, Titus of Bostra, etc. [HaDiv1857c1] [HaDiv1857c2] [UM1857] [St1857] [1905-snippet view ]
PG 19: Eusebius of Caesarea - Chron. [St1857 ] [Ha1857] [HaDiv1857] [PennState1857] [UM1857]
PG 20: Euseb. - Historia Ecclesiastica etc. [St1857 ] [Ha1857] [HaDiv1857] [PennState1857] [UM1857]
PG 21: Euseb. - Praeparatio Evangelica [HaDiv1857]
PG 22: Euseb. - Demonstratio Evangelica, etc. (misc. exegetical) [St1857 ] [HaDiv1857]
PG 23: Euseb. - Comm. in Psalmos [HaDiv1857]
PG 24: Euseb. - Comm. and exegetical frags.; De Theophania; C. Marcellum, etc. [St1857 ] [Ha1857]
PG 25: Athanasius [Ha1857] [Bo1857] [St1884 ]
PG 26: Athanasius [St1887 ] [UM1857]
PG 27: Athanasius [St1887 ] [Ha1857] [PennState1857] [UVBr1857] [Bo1857] [UM1857]
PG 28: Athanasius [Bo1857]
PG 29: Basil of Caesarea - Hom. in Hexaemeron; Hom. in Ps.; C. Eunom. [St1886] [Ha1857] [PennState1857] [UVBr1857] [UM1857]
PG 30: Basil - misc. [St1888 ] [St1888-archive.org]
PG 31: Basil - Homiliae, Regulae, etc. [St1885 ] [UM1857]
PG 32: Basil - De Spir. Sancto; Epistolae [St1886 ] [Ha1857] [UM-no preview]
PG 33: Cyril of Jerusalem, Diodore of Tarsus, etc. [cyprianproject.info]
PG 34: Macarius Aegyptius; Macarius Alexandrinus [St1903 ] [Ha1869]
PG 35: Gregory of Nazianzus [St1886] [Ha1857]
PG 36: Gregory of Nazianzus [St1886] [Ha1857]
PG 37: Gregory of Nazianzus [St1862] [Ha1862] [HaDiv1862]
PG 38: Gregory of Nazianzus [St1862] [Ha1862]
PG 39: Didymus etc. [St1863 ] [Ha1858]
PG 40: Patres Aegyptii etc. [St1863 ] [HaDiv1863] [Ha1858]
PG 41: Epiphanius [St1863 ] [HaDiv1863] [Ha1858]
PG 42: Epiph. [St1863 ] [UM1863] [Lausanne1859]
PG 43: Epiph. [St1864 ] [UM1864]
PG 44: Gregory of Nyssa vol. 1 [St1863] [HaDiv1863] [Ha1858]
PG 45: Greg. Nyss. vol. 2 [St1863 ] [HaDiv1863] [Ha1858]
PG 46: Greg. Nyss. vol. 3 [St1863 ] [HaDiv1863] [Ha1858]
PG 47: John Chrysostom vol. 1.1 [St1863 ] [HaDiv1863] [PennState1863] [UM1863]
PG 48: J. Chrys. vol. 1.2: De Sacerdotio, Contra Iudaeos, etc. [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [PennState1862] [UM1862] [Ha1859]
PG 49: J. Chrys. vol. 2.1: Homiliae de Statuis, etc. [St1862 ] [PennState1862] [UM1862]
PG 50: J. Chrys. vol. 2.2: Sermones de solemnitatibus cont'd; Dubia et spuria [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [PennState1862] [UM1862]
PG 51: J. Chrys. vol. 3.1: Homiliae XXV in quaedam loca NT [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [HaDiv1862 (again)] [PennState1862]
PG 52: J. Chrys. vol. 3.2: Opuscula XV de motibus C-politanis; Epistulae; Spuria [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [HaDiv1862 (again)] [UV1859]
PG 53: J. Chrys. vol. 4.1: Hom. in Genesim [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [PennState1862] [UV1862] [UM1862]
PG 54: J. Chrys. vol. 4.2 [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862] [PennState1862] [UV1862] [UM1859]
PG 55: J. Chrys. vol. 5 [St1862 ]
PG 56: J. Chrys. vol. 6 [St1862]
PG 57: J. Chrys. vol. 7.1: Hom. in Matt. [St1862 ]
PG 58: J. Chrys. vol. 7.2: Hom. in Matt. (cont'd) [St1862 ]
PG 59: J. Chrys. vol. 8: Hom. in Joh. [St1862 ]
PG 60: J. Chrys. vol. 9: Hom. in Acta & Hom. in Ep. ad Rom. [St1862 ]
PG 61: J. Chrys. vol. 10: Hom. in Epp. ad Cor. & Comm. in Ep. ad Gal. [St1862]
PG 62: J. Chrys. vol. 11: Hom. in Ep. ad Eph. - Hom. in Ep. ad Philemonem [St1862 ]
PG 63: J. Chrys. vol. 12 [St1862 ]
PG 64: J. Chrys. vol. 13; Meletius Monachus [St1862 ] [HaDiv1862 ] [Ha1860 ] [UM1860 ]
PG 65: Proclus; Severianus of Gabala; Philostorgius, etc. [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864 - ex libris A. D. Nock] [HaDiv1864 ] [UM1864 ] [Ha1858 ]
PG 66: Synesius; Theodore of Mopsuestia; Arsenius Eremita [St1864 ] [UM1864 ] [Ha1859 ] [HaDiv1859 ]
PG 67: Socrates; Sozomen [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864] [UM1864]
PG 68: Cyril of Alexandria vol. 1 - De ador. in spir. et ver. [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864] [PennState1864] [UM1864] [Ha1859]
PG 69: Cyril vol. 2 - Glaphyra; exegetical fragments [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864] [UM1864]
PG 70: Cyril vol. 3 - Comm. in Isaiam; frags. on Jerem., Baruch, Daniel [St1864] [HaDiv1864] [UM1864] [Ha1859] [snippet view ]
PG 71: Cyril vol. 4 - Comm. in XII Proph. [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864] [PennState1864] [UM1864] [Ha1859]
PG 72: Cyril vol. 5 - Comm. in XII Proph., cont'd; frags. of Comm. in Matt.; Comm. in Luc. [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864] [PennState1864] [UM1864] [Ha1859]
PG 73: Cyril vol. 6 - Comm. in Joh. [St1864 ] [HaDiv1864]
PG 74: Cyril vol. 7 - Comm. in Joh., cont'd; frags. on Acts and Epistles [St1863 ] - display online didn't work, but downloaded properly
PG 75: Cyril vol. 8 [St1863 ]
PG 76: Cyril vol. 9 [St1863 ]
PG 77: Cyril vol. 10 etc. [St1863 ]
PG 78: Isidore etc. [St1864 ]
PG 79: Nilus [St1863 ]
PG 80: Theodoret of Cyrus - Quaestiones Gen. - Paralip.; Interp. in Psalmos [PennState1864] [UM1864] [Ha1860]
PG 81: Theodoret - Explan. Cant. - XII Proph. [Bo1864] [Bo1864 alt] [UM1864]
PG 82: Theodoret - Comm. in S. Pauli Epistulas; Hist. Eccl.; Hist. Rel.; Or. de div. et sanct. charitate [archive.org-HaDiv1864] [DCO1864]
PG 83: Theodoret - Eranistes; Graecarum Affectionum Curatio, etc. [HaDiv1864]
PG 84: Theodoret - Garnerius' Auctarium and Dissertationes [Ha1864 ]
PG 85: Basil of Seleucia etc. [St1864 ] [UM1864]
PG 86a: Eusebius of Emesa, Leontius [UM1864] [St1865 ] - display online didn't work, but downloaded properly
PG 86b: Leontius of Byzantium, etc. [PennState1865] [DCO1863]
PG 87a: Procopius of Gaza [HaDiv1865] [DCO1863]
PG 87b: Procop. [St1865 ] [HaDiv1865]
PG 87c: Procop., Sophronius, John Moschus etc. [St1865 ] [PennState1865]
PG 88: Cosmas Indicopleustes etc. [UM1864]
PG 89: Anastasius of Sinai etc. [St1865] [PennState1865] [UM1865]
PG 90: Maximus Confessor [St1865-archive.org] [no preview]
PG 91: Maximus Confessor etc. [PennState1863] [St1863] [DCO1863]
PG 92: Chronicon Paschale [HaDiv1865] [St1865] [no preview]
PG 93: Olympiodorus Diaconus Alexandrinus, Hesychius Hierosolymitanus, Leontius Neapoleos in Cypro [archive.org-To1865] [HaDiv1865] [UM1865]
PG 94: Johannes Damascenus [HaDiv1864-archive.org] [St1864-archive.org] [no preview]
PG 95: Johannes Damascenus [St1864-archive.org] [no preview]
PG 96: Johannes Damascenus etc. [HaDiv1864] [Ha1860] [no preview]
PG 97: John Malalas etc. [Ha1865] [UM1865] [no preview]
PG 98: Gregorius Agrigentinus etc. [HaDiv1865] [UM1865] [DCO1865]
PG 99: Theodore the Studite [St1903-archive.org] [no preview]
PG 100: Nicephorus [UM1865] [St1865] [HaDiv1865]
PG 101: Photius vol. 1 [St1900]
PG 102: Photius vol. 2 [St1900]
PG 103: Photius vol. 3 [Ha1860] [Bo1860] [Bo1860] [UM1860] [DCO1900]
PG 104: Photius vol. 4 [HaDiv1896]
PG 105: Nicetas David etc. [cyprianproject.info] [DCO1862]
PG 106: Joseppus Christianus etc. [HaDiv1863] [St1863] [DCO1863]
PG 107: Leo VI Imperator (Sapiens) [St1863]
PG 108: Theophanes etc. [DCO1863] [no preview]
PG 109: Historiae Scriptores post Theophanem [UM1863] [DCO1863]
PG 110: Georgius Hamartolus [HaDiv1863] [PennState1863] [UM1863] [DCO1863] [no preview]
PG 111: Nicolaus Cp. [St1863]
PG 112: Constantine Porphyrogenitus vol. 1 [St1897]
PG 113: Constantine Porphyrogenitus vol. 2 [St1862(?)]
PG 114: Symeon Metaphrastes vol. 1 [St1903]
PG 115: Symeon Metaphrastes vol. 2 [HaDiv1899-archive.org] [St1899-archive.org] [DCO1864]
PG 116: Symeon Metaphrastes vol. 3 [St1891]
PG 117: Leo Diaconus etc. [St1894]
PG 118: Oecumenius vol. 1 [St1893]
PG 119: Oecumenius vol. 2 [St1891]
PG 120: Xiphilinus etc. [PennState1864] [Indiana1864] [Indiana1864-HathiTrust] [DCO1864]
PG 121: Georgius Cedrenus [HaDiv1894-archive.org] [St1894-archive.org] [DCO1894]
PG 122: Psellus etc. [St1889]
PG 123: Theophylactus - Enarr. in Matt., Marc., Luc., Joh. [PennState1864] [no preview]
PG 124: Theophylactus - Comm. in Joh.; Comm. in Pauli Epistolas [Ha1864] [no preview]
PG 125: Theophylactus [Ha1864]
PG 126: Theophylactus [Ha1864]
PG 127: Nicephorus Bryennius etc. [UM1864]
PG 128: Euthymius Zygabenus [archive.org-HaDiv1864] [archive.org-St1864]
PG 129: Euthymius Zygabenus [St1898] [UV1864]
PG 130: Euthymius Zygabenus [Taylor Institution Oxford 1865] [Ha1865] [HaDiv1865] [UM1865]
PG 131: Euthymius Zygabenus, Anna Comnena [St1864] [Ha1864] [HaDiv1864] [UM1864]
PG 132: Theophanes Cerameus etc. [HaDiv1864]
PG 133: Joannes Cinnamus, Theodore Prodromos etc. [PennState1864]
PG 134: Joannes Zonaras vol. 1 [St1864] [Ha1864] [HaDiv1864] [PennState1864] [UM1864]
PG 135: J. Zonaras vol. 2 etc. [HaDiv1887] [St1887]
PG 136: Eustathius etc. [St1865]
PG 137: Theodore Balsamon [Ha1865] [HaDiv1865]
PG 138: Theodore Balsamon [UV1865]
PG 139: Nicetas Choniates [HaDiv1894-archive.org] [1894-archive.org]
PG 140: Nicetas Choniates etc. [Ha1887] [HaDiv1887-archive.org] [St1887-archive.org]
PG 141: John Beccus / Veccus etc. [Ha1865]
PG 142: Nicephorus Blemmydes etc. [cyprianproject.info]
PG 143: George Pachymeres etc. [HaDiv1891-archive.org] [St1891-archive.org] [Ha1865-archive.org]
PG 144: George Pachymeres etc. [Ha1865] [UM1865]
PG 145: Nicephorus Callistus etc. [St1904]
PG 146: Nicephorus Callistus [St1865] [Ha1865] [HaDiv1865]
PG 147: Nicephorus Callistus etc. [St1865]
PG 148: Nicephorus Gregoras [St1865]
PG 149: Nicephorus Gregoras [HaDiv1865] [Ha1865] [PennState1865] [UM1865]
PG 150: Gregory Palamas etc. [HaDiv1865] [PennState1865] [UM1865]
PG 151: Gregory Palamas; Barlaam etc. [St1865-archive.org] [Ha1865-archive.org]
PG 152: Manuel Calecas etc. [Ha1866] [HaDiv1866] [UM1866]
PG 153: John Cantacuzenus [UM1866]
PG 154: John Cantacuzenus etc. [HaDiv1866-archive.org] [St1866-archive.org]
PG 155: Sym. Thess. [PennState1866]
PG 156: Manuel Palaeologus etc. [Ha1866] [HaDiv1866] [UM1866]
PG 157: Georgius Codinus, Ducas [St1866] [Ha1866] [HaDiv1866]
PG 158: Michael Glycas etc. [HaDiv1866] [UM1866]
PG 159: Laonicus Chalcondyles etc. [St1866-archive.org] [HaDiv1866-archive.org]
PG 160: Gennadius etc. [St1866] [Ha1866] [UM1866]
PG 161: Bessarion etc. [HaDiv1866] [PennState1866] [UM1866]


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