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Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha Pertaining to the New Testament

G. A. Giles, Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti: The Uncanonical Gospels and Other Writings, part 1 (London, 1852) [link]; part 2 (London, 1852) [link]
J. C. Thilo, Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti, vol. 1 (Leipzig, 1832) [link]

  • C. Tischendorf (ed.), Evangelia apocrypha, 2nd ed. (Leipzig, 1876) [link]
  • Das Evangelium des Petrus, ed., tr., nn. T. Zahn (Erlangen and Leipzig, 1893) [link]
  • C. Taylor, The Oxyrhynchus Logia and the Apocryphal Gospels (Oxford, 1899) [link]
  • B. Pick, Paralipomena: Remains of Gospels and Sayings of Christ (Chicago, 1908) [link]
  • B. Pick (ed., tr.), The Extra-Canonical Life of Christ (New York, 1903) [link]
  • J. DeQ. Donehoo, The Apocryphal and Legendary Life of Christ (New York, 1903) [link]
  • I. E. Rahmani (ed.), Testamentum domini nostri Iesu Christi (Mainz, 1899) [link]
    • F. X. Funk, Das Testament unseres Herrn und die verwandten Schriften, Forschungen zur christlichen Litteratur- und Dogmengeschichte 2.1-2 (Mainz, 1901) [link]

  • A. S. Lewis, Apocrypha Syriaca: The Protevangelium Jacobi and Transitus Mariae (London, 1902) [link]

  • Acta apostolorum apocrypha, ed. R. A. Lipsius and M. Bonnet (post C. Tischendorf), vol. 1 (Leipzig, 1891) [link]; vol. 2.1 (Leipzig, 1898) [link]
  • B. Pick (tr.), The Apocryphal Acts of Paul, Peter, John, Andrew and Thomas (Chicago, 1909) [link]
  • R. A. Lipsius, Die apokryphen Apostelgeschichten und Apostellegenden: Ein beitrag zur altchristlichen Literaturgeschichte (Braunschweig, 1890) [link]

  • R. A. Lipsius, Die Pilatus-Acten kritisch untersucht (Kiel, 1871) [link]

Oracula Sibyllina
  • ed. J. Geffcken, GCS (Leipzig, 1902) [link];
  • ed. C. Alexandre, 2nd ed. (Paris, 1869) [link];
  • ed. C. Alexandre, vol. 2 [excursus] (Paris, 1854) [link];
  • ed. J. H. Friedlieb (Leipzig, 1852) [link]

  • M. D. Gibson (ed. and tr.), Apocrypha Sinaitica (London, 1896) [link]
  • Tischendorf (ed.), Apocalypses Apocryphae (Leipzig, 1866) [link]

  • S. C. Malan (ed.), The Book of Adam and Eve: also Called the Conflict of Adam and Eve with the Serpent, a Book of the Early Eastern Church (London, 1882) [link]

  • R. Harris and A. Mingana (ed., tr.), The Odes and Psalms of Solomon, vol. 1 [text] (Manchester, 1916) [link]; vol. 2 [translation] (Manchester, 1920) [link]
  • J. R. Harris (ed.), The Odes and Psalms of Solomon: Published from the Syriac Version, 2nd ed. [with facsimile] (Cambridge, 1911) [link]
  • The Psalms of Solomon with the Greek Fragments of the Book of Enoch, ed. H. B. Swete (Cambridge, 1899) [link]
  • Psalms of Solomon, ed. H. E. Ryle and M. R. James (Cambridge, 1891) [link]

  • G. P. Luttikhuisen, Gnostic Revisions of Genesis Stories and Early Jesus Traditions (Leiden, 2005) [link - supposedly full text, but some pages missing]
  • G. R. S. Mead, The Wedding-Song of Wisdom, Echoes from the Gnosis XI (London, 1908) [link]


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