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Textbooks / Grammars
  • B. Layton, Coptic in 20 Lessons: Introduction to Sahidic Coptic (Leuven, 2007) [limited preview ]
  • S. Younan, So, You Want to Learn Coptic? A Guide to Bohairic Grammar (Sydney, 2005) [limited preview ]
  • T. O. Lambdin, Introduction to Sahidic Coptic (Macon, GA, 1983) [limited preview ]
  • J. M. Plumley, An Introductory Coptic Grammar (London, 1948) [metalog.org ]
  • A. Mallon, Grammaire Copte: avec bibliographie, chrestomathie et vocabulaire, 2nd ed. (Beirut, 1907) [link]
  • G. Steindorff, Koptische Grammatik mit Chrestomathie, W√∂rterverzeichnis und Litteratur, 2nd ed. (Berlin, 1904) [link]
  • L. Stern, Koptische Grammatik (Leipzig, 1880) [link]
  • Tattam, A Compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language, 2nd ed (London, 1863) [link ]

  • W. E. Crum, A Coptic Dictionary (Oxford, 1939) [metalog.org ]


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