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(Rabbinic) Judaism

[Cf. also html versions of Mishnah, Tosefta, and Talmuds (unpointed) at mechon-mamre.org and kodesh.snunit.k12.il]

Texts (original language and translations):

  • Mishnayoth, ed./tr./comm. P. Blackman, vol. 1 [Zeraim] (London, 1951) [HebrewBooks]; vol. 2 [Moed] (New York, 1963) [HebrewBooks]; vol. 3 [Nashim] (London, 1953) [HebrewBooks]; vol. 4 [Nezikin] (London, 1954) [HebrewBooks]; vol. 5 [Kodashim] (London, 1954) [HebrewBooks]; vol. 6 [Taharoth] (London, 1955) [HebrewBooks]
  • J. I. Gorfinkle, The Sayings of the Jewish Fathers / Pirke Aboth [with Heb. text] (New York, 1913) [link]
  • C. Taylor, An Appendix to "Sayings of the Jewish Fathers": Containing a Catalogue of Manuscripts and Notes on the Text of Aboth (Cambridge, 1900) [link]
  • A. Lukyn Williams (tr.), Tractate Berakoth [with Tosefta] (London, 1921; repr. and re-set, 2008) [link]
  • H. Danby (tr.), Tractate Sanhedrin [with Tosefta] (London, 1919; repr. and re-set, 2008) [link]

  • P. Fiebig (tr./comm.), Joma: Der Mischnatractat "Versöhnungstag", Ausgewählte Mischnatractate in deutscher Uebersetzung 1 (Tübingen, 1905) [link]
  • P. Fiebig (tr./comm.), Pirque 'aboth: Der Mischnatractat "Sprüche der Väter", Ausgewählte Mischnatractate in deutscher Uebersetzung 2 (Tübingen, 1906) [link]
  • P. Fiebig (tr./comm.), Berachoth: Der Mischnatractat "Segenssprüche", Ausgewählte Mischnatractate in deutscher Uebersetzung 3 (Tübingen, 1906) [link]
  • P. Krüger (tr./comm.), Abodah zarah: Der Mischnatractat "Götzendienst", Ausgewählte Mischnatractate in deutscher Uebersetzung 4 (Tübingen, 1907) [link]
  • G. Beer (tr./comm.), Schabbat: Der Mischnatractat "Sabbat", Ausgewählte Mischnatractate in deutscher Uebersetzung 5 (Tübingen, 1908) [link]

  • S. Schechter (ed.), Avot de-Rabbi Nathan (1886; repr. 1979) [limited preview]
  • J. Goldin (tr.), The Fathers according to Rabbi Nathan (1955; repr. 1990) [limited preview]

  • Midrash Rabbah [with Etz Yosef, Anaf Yosef, and Yad Yosef commentaries; date: 5720 ~ 1960], vol. 1 [Bereshit; Shemot; Vayikra] [HebrewBooks]; vol. 2 [Bamidbar] [HebrewBooks]
  • L. Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews, vols. 1-2 [Creation to Exodus] (orig. 1909; re-set/printed Forgotten Books 2008) [link]; vol. 2 [Joseph to the Exodus] (Philadelphia, 1920/48/69) [link]; (Philadelphia, 1913) [link]; vols. 3-4 [Exodus to Esther] (orig. 1909; re-set/printed Forgotten Books 2008) [link]; vol. 3 [Exodus to Death of Moses] (Philadelphia, 1911) [link]; vol. 4 [Joshua to Esther] (Philadelphia, 1913) [link]
  • Midrash Tanhuma (re-set/printed Forgotten Books 2008) [link]

  • Talmud [e-daf ] - facsimile of printed edition; some facsimile of pointed text
  • I. Epstein (ed.), Soncino Babylonian Talmud (1935-52) [pdf and html at halakhah.com]
  • M. L. Rodkinson (ed., tr.), A New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud [see now **archive.org** for these volumes]
    • 2nd ed., vol. 1 [Mo'ed: Shabbat pt. 1], rev. I. M. Wise (New York, 1901) [link];
    • vol. 2, rev. I. M. Wise [Mo'ed: Shabbat pt. 2] (New York, 1896) [link];
      • vols. 1-2 together as Book 1 of 2nd ed. (1903) [sacred-texts ]
    • vol. 3 [Mo'ed: Erubin] (New York, 1897) [link];
    • vol. 4, 2nd ed. [Mo'ed: Shekalim and Rosh Hashana; "Hebrew and English"] (New York, 1901) [link]; 1st ed. (New York, 1896) [link]
      • vols. 3-4 together as Book 2 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts ]
    • vol. 5 [Mo'ed: Pesachim] (New York, 1898) [link];
      • vols. 5-6 [the above plus Yoma; Hagiga] together as Book 3 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts) ]
    • vol. 7 [Mo'ed: Betzah; Succah; Moed Katan] (New York, 1899) [link];
    • vol. 8 [Mo'ed: Taanith; Megilla + Ebel Rabbathi/Semachoth, us. classed with Nezikin] (New York, 1899) [link];
      • vols. 7-8 together as Book 4 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts ]
    • vol. 9 [Nezikin: Aboth + Aboth of R. Nathan; Derekh Eretz Rabbah; Zuta] (New York, 1900) [link]
      • vols. 9-10 [the above plus Nezikin: Baba Kama - First Gate] together as Book 5 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts ]
    • vol. 11 [Nezikin: Baba Metzia - Middle Gate, pt. 1] (New York, 1900) [link];
    • vol. 12 [Nezikin: Baba Metzia - Middle Gate, pt. 2] (New York, 1901) [link]
      • vols. 11-12 together as Book 6 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts]
    • vol. 13 [Nezikin: Baba Bathra - Last Gate, pt. 1] (New York, 1902) [link]
    • vol. 14 [Nezikin: Baba Bathra - Last Gate, pt. 2] (New York, 1903) [link]
      • vols. 13-14 together as Book 7 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts]
    • vols. 15-16 [Nezikin: Sanhedrin] (New York, 1902) [link]; as Book 8 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts]
    • vols. 17-18 [Nezikin: Makkoth; Shebuoth; Eduyoth; Avoda Zara; Horioth] as Book 9 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts]
    • vol. 19: The History of the Talmud, vol. 1 (New York, 1903) [link]
      • vols. 19-20 together as Book 10 of 2nd ed. (1918) [sacred-texts]
  • I. J. M. Rabbinowicz:
    • Législation criminelle du Talmud [= Sanhedrin, Makkot, 2 passages of Eduyot] (Paris, 1876) [link]
    • Législation civille du Thalmud,
      • vol. 1 [assorted texts on legislation, women, pagans, from Sedarim 1-3; see TOC pp. VII-VIII] (Paris, 1880) [link] [alt. link]
      • vol. 2 [= Baba Kama] (Paris, 1877) [link] [alt. link]
      • vol. 3 [= Baba Metzia] (Paris, 1878) [link] [alt. link]
      • vol. 4 [= Baba Bathra] (Paris, 1879) [link] [alt. link]
      • vol. 5 [from Sedarim 4-6] (Paris, 1879) [link] [alt. link]
    • La Médecine du Thalmud [assorted passages] (Paris, 1880) [link ]

  • A. Wünsche (tr.), Der Babylonische Talmud in seinen haggadischen Bestandtheilen…, vol. 1.1 [Zera'im] (Leipzig, 1886) [link]
  • M. Schwab (tr.), The Talmud of Jerusalem, vol. 1 [Berakhot] (London, 1886) [link]
  • J. Barclay, The Talmud [tr. selections of Mishna, with expl. from Gemara and "other sources"] (London, 1878) [link]
  • A. W. Streane, A Translation of the Treatise Chagigah from the Babylonian Talmud (Cambridge, 1891) [link]

  • M. L. Margolis (ed.), The Columbia College Ms. of Meghilla (Babylonian Talmud) (New York, 1892) [link]

  • P. I. Hershon, The Pentateuch according to the Talmud. Genesis: With a Talmudical Commentary, tr. M. Wolkenberg (London, 1883) [link]; Heb. original (London, 1874) [link]

  • B. Halper, Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature: An Anthology, vol. 2 [English translation] (Philadelphia, 1921) [link]
  • C. F. Horne (ed.), The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, vol. 4: Medieval Hebrew: The Midrash, The Kabbalah (New York, 1917) [link]
  • J. Cohn, Flowers of the Midrash for the School and Homes (New York, 1912) [link]
  • J. Cohn, Gems from the Midrash (New York, 1906) [link]
  • M. H. Harris, Hebraic Literature: Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbalah (Washington, 1901) [link]
  • M. C. Peters, Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud (New York, 1900) [link]
  • P. I. Hershon, A Talmudic Miscellany (London, 1880) [link]
  • S. Baring-Gould, Legends of Old Testament Characters, from the Talmud and Other Sources, vol. 1: Adam to Abraham (London, 1871) [link]

  • Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, ed. S. Levi, pt. 1.2 (Leipzig, 1863/64) [link]

  • C. Bakhos (ed.), Current Trends in the Study of Midrash (Leiden, 2006) [link]
  • G. Hasan-Rokem, Web of Life: Folklore and Midrash in Rabbinic Literature, tr. B. Stein (Stanford, 2000) [limited preview]
  • H. L. Strack and G. Stemberger, Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash, tr. M. Bockmuehl, 2nd ed. (Edinburgh, 1996) [limited preview]
  • S. Zeitlin, Megillat Taanit as a source for Jewish chronology and history in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods (Philadelphia, 1922) [link]
  • J. Z. Lauterbach, Midrash and Mishnah: A Study in the Early History of the Halakah (New York, 1916) [link]
  • P. E. Kretzmann, Education among the Jews, from the Earliest Times to the End of the Talmudic Period, 500 A.D. (Boston, 1916) [link]
  • M. Fluegel, The Humanity, Benevolence and Charity Legislation of the Pentateuch and the Talmud: in Parallel with the Laws of Hammurabi, the Doctrines of Egypt, the Roman XII Tables and Modern Codes (Baltimore, 1908) [link]
  • M. Liber, Rashi, tr. A. Szold (1906) [link]
  • M. A. Harris, A Thousand Years of Jewish History: From the Days of Alexander the Great to the Moslem Conquest of Spain (New York, 1904) [link]
  • M. Mielziner, Introduction to the Talmud, 2nd ed. (London, 1903) [link]
  • R. T. Herford, Christianity in Talmud and Midrash (London, 1903) [link]
  • Schuster, Die Reformation und der Talmud (Dresden, 1903) [link]
  • M. Friedmann, Seder Eliahu rabba und Seder Eliahu zuta (Tanna d'be Eliahu) (Vienna, 1902) [link]
  • D. Hartman, Das Buch Ruth in der Midrasch-litteratur: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Bibelexegese (Leipzig, 1901) [link]
  • Z. Rabbiner, Beiträge zur hebräischen Synonymik in Talmud und Midrasch (Berlin, 1899) [link]
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  • A. Darmesteter, The Talmud, tr. by H. Szold (Philadelphia, 1897) [link]
  • D. W. Amram, The Jewish Law of Divorce according to Bible and Talmud (Philadelphia, 1896) [link]
  • B. Spiers, The Threefold Cord: Being Sketches of Three Treatises of the Talmud, Sanhedrin, Baba Metsia, and Baba Bathra, 2nd ed. (London, 1893) [link]
  • L. Grünhut, Kritische Untersuchung des Midrasch Kohelet Rabba (Frankfurt am Main, 1892) [link]
  • H. Cohen, Die Nächstenliebe im Talmud (Marburg, 1888) [link]
  • I. Rosenberg, Das aramäische Verbum im babylonischen Talmud (Marburg, 1888) [link]
  • W. H. Bennett, The Mishna as Illustrating the Gospels (Cambridge, 1884) [link]
  • J. Abrahams, The Sources of the Midrash Echah Rabbah (Dessau, 1881) [link]
  • F. Weber, System der Altsynagogalen palästinischen Theologie: Aus Targum, Midrasch und Talmud (Leipzig, 1880) [link]
  • P. B. Benney, The Criminal Code of the Jews: According to the Talmud Massecheth Synhedrin (London, 1880) [link]
  • J. Drummond, The Jewish Messiah: a critical history of the messianic idea among the Jews from the rise of the Maccabees to the Closing of the Talmud (1877) [link]
  • M. Duschak, Zur Botanik des Talmud (Pest, 1870) [link]
  • M. Steinschneider, Jewish Literature from the Eighth to the Eighteenth Century, with an Introduction on Talmud and Midrash, rev. ed. (London, 1857) [link]

  • A. Tannenbaum, The Contemplative Soul: Hebrew Poetry and Philosophical Theory in Medieval Spain (Leiden, 2002) [link - says full text, but pages missing]


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