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Septuagint (LXX)

[See also The Septuagint Online (Joel Kalvesmaki) - includes links to texts and translations]
[Note: BIOSCS (Bulletin of the International Organization of Septuagint and Cognate Studies) 1968-2000 now online via IOSCS]

  • A. E. Brooke and N. McLean (eds.), The Old Testament in Greek, vol. 1.1 [Genesis] (Cambridge, 1906) [link] [archive.org]; vol. 1.2 [Exodus and Leviticus] (Cambridge, 1909) [link] [archive.org]; vol. 1.3 [Numbers and Deuteronomy] (Cambridge, 1911) [archive.org]; vol. 1.4 [Joshua - Judges - Ruth] (Cambridge, 1917) [archive.org]; vol. 1 all bound together [Octateuch] (Cambridge, 1917) [archive.org]; vol. 2.1 [I - II Samuel] (Cambridge, 1927) [archive.org]; vol. 2.2 [I - II Kings] (Cambridge, 1930) [archive.org]; vol. 2.3 [I - II Chronicles] (Cambridge, 1932) [archive.org]; vol. 2.4 [1 Esdras; Ezra-Nehemiah] (Cambridge, 1935) [archive.org]
  • H. B. Swete (ed.), The Old Testament in Greek, vol. 1 [Genesis-IV Kings] (Cambridge, 1887) [CCEL ]; vol. 2 [I Chron.-Tobit] (Cambridge, 1891) [CCEL ]; vol. 3 [Hosea-IV Maccabees + Psalms of Solomon; Enoch; the Odes] (Cambridge, 1905) [CCEL ]
  • Tischendorf (ed.), Vetus Testamentum Graece iuxta LXX Interpretes, 7th ed. by Nestle, vol. 1 (Leipzig, 1887) [link]; vol. 2 (Leipzig, 1887) [link]
  • Field, Hexaplorum quae supersunt, vol. 1 (Oxford, 1875) [archive.org]; vol. 2 (Oxford, 1875) [archive.org]

  • New English Translation of the Septuagint (2007) [electronic edition]
  • Charles (tr.), Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, vol. 1 [Apocrypha] (1913) [archive.org]; vol. 2 [Pseudepigrapha] (1913) [archive.org]

Secondary Sources and Aids
  • Hatch and Redpath, Concordance to the Septuagint, supplement, fasc. 2 (Oxford, 1906) [link]

  • C. Dogniez, Bibliography of the Septuagint (Leiden, 1993) [limited preview]
  • H. B. Swete, An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek [CCEL ]-various formats including facsimiles
  • H. W. J. Thiersch, De Pentateuchi versione Alexandrina libri tres (Erlangen, 1841) [link]

  • H. St. J. Thackeray, A Grammar of the Old Testament in Greek, vol. 1 [intro., orthography, accidence] (Cambridge, 1909; repr. 1987) [limited preview]
  • R. Helbing, Grammatik der Septuaginta: Laut- und Wortlehre (Göttingen, 1907) [link] [archive.org]
  • F. C. Conybeare and St. G. Stock, Grammar of Septuagint Greek with Selected Readings, Vocabularies, and Updated Index (Hendrickson, 1995) [CCEL] = reprint of Selections from the Septuagint, College Series of Greek Authors (Boston, 1905) [Textkit]

Individual Texts Pertaining to the LXX
  • Ad Philocratem Epistula (cum ceteris de origine versionis LXX interpretum testemoniis), ed. L. Mendelssohn and P. Wendland (Leipzig: Teubner, 1900) [link]

  • tr. H. St. J. Thackeray (London, 1917) [link]

Additions to the Canonical Books
  • L. Howard (tr.), The Apocrypha of the Book of Daniel…Translated from the Vulgate Latin (London, 1829) [link]

Ecclesiasticus [= (Wisdom of) Ben Sira]
  • I. Lévy (ed.), The Hebrew Text of the Book of Ecclesiasticus, Semitic Studies Series no. 3 (Leiden, 1904) [link]
  • S. Schechter and C. Taylor (ed., tr.), The Wisdom of Ben Sira: Portions of the Book of Ecclesiasticus from Hebrew Manuscripts in the Cairo Geniza... (Cambridge, 1899) [link]

  • W. O. E. Oesterley (tr.), The Wisdom of Ben-Sira, Translations of Early Documents (London, 1916; repr. 2004) [link]
  • R. G. Moulton (ed., tr.), Modern Reader's Bible (New York, 1896) [link]
  • L. Howard (tr.), The Book of the Church, or Ecclesiasticus, Translated from the Latin Vulgate (London, 1827) [link]

  • E. D. Reymond, Innovations in Hebrew Poetry: Parallelism and the Poems of Sirach (Leiden, 2004) [link]
  • N. Calduch-Benages et al., Bibliographie zu ben Sira (Berlin, 1998) [limited preview]

  • W. Fairweather and J. S. Black (eds.), The First Book of Maccabees, Cambridge Bible for Schools (Cambridge, 1897) [link]
  • R. L. Bensley (ed.) and W. E. Barnes (intro., tr.), The Fourth Book of Maccabees and Kindred Documents in Syriac (Cambridge, 1895) [link]

Wisdom of Solomon
  • tr. W. O. E. Oesterley (1917; repr. 2004) [limited preview]
  • R. G. Moulton (ed., tr..), Ecclesiastes and the Wisdom of Solomon, Modern Reader's Bible (New York, 1902) [link]
  • J. P. Bauermeister, Commentarius in Sapientiam Salomonis (Göttingen, 1828) [link]


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